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Time is a difficult concept to grasp. Throughout History, events can seem unclear if not followed by contextualisation, causes, and consequences.

How would you explain to a child the evolution of time and how society has changed the world we live in today? This was the question that led Timelinefy’s CEO, Rogerio Almeida, to idealise the platform concept. He was challenged to present how historical events to his children. He searched for a digital tool that could allow comparisons between timelines and soon found out that it would be necessary to create one. Then, Timelinefy was born.

The human relationship with time has not yet been fully transformed by technology. Since the XVIIth century, timelines have been used as a resource to understand time passing. Timelinefy goes one step further, by adding up-to-date technology to such known tool, increasing its analytical and use possibilities.

Our platform enables the understanding of complex information visually, expanding people’s ability to understand the relationships and connections between events. It is a digital tool that invites the navigation of History and the discovery of unforeseen narratives.

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Whoare we?

We are experts in technology and culture. We are passionate about discovering and designing innovative digital solutions with our partners.

We have built a multidisciplinary team with professionals from different areas such as Art, Communication, Marketing, Programming and Design.

Our goal is to create tools that empower our ability to learn, perceive and visualise time.

Our mission is to become the main technological partner for Museums, Education and Cultural Heritage Institutions.

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FUNCTIONALITIESHow Timelinefyworks
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The starting pointParallel lines and events are represented by points and periods. This is the user’s first view when exploring the platform. The lines organised in parallel are called Topics. Together they form the timeline layers, a structure that provides instant visualisation of the content. Topics can be differentiated by colours and titles; they are created by grouping events.
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EventsThe place where discoveries and learning happen. By accessing an event, you can dive into stories with the support of several multimedia resources, such as text, image, video, audio, links and attached files. When creating an event, you can customise the icons, colours and sizes of the point or period symbols.
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Connect to contextThe platform features an event linking resource. You can connect a specific event in one topic to another event in a different topic. This interconnection between events creates a context for the stories and helps understand events over time.
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Compare and understandThe importance of the chronological narrative. The "connection feature" allows comparing two or more timelines at once. The visual aid makes relating facts even easier. You can also compare your timeline with other ones available on our web.