Events connected in time
in an innovative platform

An interactive experience where both learners and educators
navigate through time in a visual way, accessing content produced by
institutions and experts from all over the world.
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Create timelinesand share your discoveries!

Timelinefy is a place for creativity, learning and innovation.

A transdisciplinary environment where users can discover connections between historical or current events in a contextualised and comparative way.

Data range and information we can transform into a timeline is remarkable: classroom presentations, group assignments, project results, books, guides and more.

The possibilities and results are countless.


In our society, information is key. Educational organisations play an essential role in providing tools that empower individuals for the present and future times. Facilitating critical thinking, contextualized learning and developing citizenship skills are a few examples of their important goals.

Timelinefy aims to work side by side with such organisations, to promote Digital Readiness in the Educational community through activities in and out of the classroom, diversifying learning experiences towards autonomous learning.

Image about education
Image about education
Image about education
Whatdo we stand for?
Critical thinking
A true analytical tool, the visual presentation of time allows the comparison and discovery of unforeseen relationships between events, facilitating learning processes in a transdisciplinary and contextualized matter.
Active learning and Co-created methodologies
The timelines can be created in group activities according to the students’ needs and interests. Students can share the results of their assignments or create an entirely new timeline using seed content provided by the school.
Engaging content
Users can create links, add texts, images, videos and files to each event, build in-depth content, that can be integrated with other assignments or research.
Diversified presentations
Both students and educators can benefit from our transdisciplinary and interactive structure, in and out of the classroom.
Supporting ongoing activities or processes
Timelines can also be built with existing support materials, for example, created or used by educators in schools. Contents can be updated or edited anytime, with the teachers’ supervision.
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